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ABCZ Typing Assistant for Instant Text  
A 92,000-entry set of glossaries (TAMED 2C) for use with Instant Text to do medical transcription. Uses simple rule-based, short-cut methods to enter phrases and words into the text for enormous keystroke savings.  
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Dates IT 2010-2025: regular, hyphenated and slashed in 2-digit and 4-digit year convention.  To Order   NEW

Youtube Video of ABCZ glossaries with Instant Text 7.

ABCZ Command Files for MS Word with Instant Text or Shorthand for Windows by Cheryl Flanders and Jon Knowles.  Reduce use of the mouse and macros by typing words to perform simple and complex MS Word functions - access main menus and hard-to-find submenus, change word endings, format, navigate in or search a document, and much more. 725+ entries
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  ABCZ MEDSET for Shorthand or SpeedType       
Extensive set of files for medical transcription using ABCZ system. Includes the main ABCZ file (ABCZMT2), a large supplementary Words file, Orthopaedic Surgery phrases, Sutures, and Dates. 66,000 entries.  
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Dates SFW 2006-2025: regular, hyphenated and slashed in 2-digit and 4-digit year convention  To Order    NEW

Youtube Video of ABCZ glossaries with Shorthand 10.
Abbreviation Master (with Mike DeTuri) 
Available for both Shorthand/SpeedType and Instant Text. Type numbers and vital signs using easy and efficient shortcut methods, including the home row keys.      To Order
Judy's Drug List (Version 3)  
17000 brand and generic drugs plus 3 additional files for easy entry into text. Great savings in keystrokes and research time. Versions available for Instant Text and Shorthand/SpeedType.      To Order
Terri's Medical Specialty Glossaries/File 
Carefully selected reference and text entry file(s) for use with Instant Text and Shorthand/Speedype. About 15,500 entries organized by medical specialty.     To Order
  Latin-Greek files for Instant Text, Shorthand and MS Word   Word-building reference glossaries and MS word file of 1800 Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, suffixes, pharmacy terms, Roman numerals and Greek alphabet.     To Order
  Free Sample of ABCZ Files  
Sample ABCZ files for Instant Text, including abbreviated versions of TAMed2, Judy's Drug Lists, Terri's Medical Specialty files, and Abbreviation Master. The files can be viewed in any text editor.    Request Sample  

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All About ABCZ 
Detailed information about ABCZ software, including TAMED for Instant Text and ABCZMEDSET for Shorthand/Speedtype.

Instant Text and Shorthand for Windows
Instant Text 
An amazing program! The leading text expander - by far the most powerful and has the most features. Extensive information about how the program works, free and commercial glossaries.
Shorthand For Windows  
An excellent expander with visual advisories by OfficeSoft. ABCZ receives a commmission if you order Shorthand For Windows from this link:   Shorthand For Windows

Expanders and Abbreviation Systems  
Basic information on typing expanders and abbreviation systems.   
List of Typing Expanders  
Annotated list of typing expanders for the PC. If you type repetitive material, an expander can save you a tremendous amount of time and help prevent repetitive stress injury.  
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    This is the web site of Jon Knowles, a retired medical transcriptionist and teacher.  
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