Overview of the ABCZ Typing Abbreviation System
Description and rules of the simple, logical ABCZ typing system for saving keystrokes and increasing speed when using a typing expander. The system can be varied for use with different expanders, depending on what the expander allows.

The ABCZ Typing Assistant For Instant Text - TAMED2 - Version 2C     

An integrated set of glossaries which allows rapid text entry and significantly reduces keystrokes. Designed by a medical transcriptionist for medical transcription. TAMed now has 92,000 entries. There is also a version for general, non-medical typing TAGen - 45,000 entries.

TAMed2C includes:  ABCZMed2C.glo: 22,000 medical and ordinary words and phrases. The primary glossary for entering medical terms and phrases using the ABCZ rules for words and phrases. Incorporates a drug administration glossary.  Drawn from actual medical dictation/transcription over 20 years. What's new: 8000 more entries than TAMed1.

Other glossaries in TAMed2C include Dates, WordsDoctors, Drug&Dosage, Drugnumbers, Partsofspeech, Sutures, TAMedSingles, WordsBigList, Verbs1000PastFuture, Headings, and Names&Places.

Click here for an overview of the components of TAMed2.

Included in TAGen are a 25,000-word list, 11,000 common words and phrases, 5000 Names&Places, and 3 years of complete dates - all easily accessible with shortcut methods.

ABCZ MEDSET for Shorthand for Windows

A 66,000-entry set of files for doing Medical Transcription with Shorthand for Windows using the ABCZ abbreviation methods.

What ABCZ users say

PLEASE NOTE: To use the ABCZ Typing Assistant files (except for Drug&DosageRef) you must first have a copy of Instant Text or Shorthand for Windows. These expanders can be purchased through the following links.

Instant Text site                                 Referral site for Shorthand for Windows purchases


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