2. As Instant Text glossaries (which are text files with a .glo suffix): 
a. LatinGreekIT.glo
b. LatinGreekITlg.glo
c. LatinPharmacyITP.glo
(The MS Word format is included when ordering the glossaries.)

In the screen shot below from Instant Text, the letters "ag" have been typed in the LatinGreekIT glossary. Alternatively one could use the LatinGreekITlg glossary, in which all short forms begin with the letters "lg", setting these entries apart from all others. In LatinPharmacyITP.glo, all short forms begin with the letter "p". This sets off all the Latin Pharmacy entries and also enables all of them to appear in the Phrases Advisory (which requires two letters minimum for an entry to appear). 

Note:  These files are not designed for use in linguistics. The etymology of English words is extremely complex. There are unknowns, conjectures, and differences of opinion as to the lineage of terms. Instead, the focus is on providing a comprehensive list of the most common Greek and Latin roots to help gain a sense of the difference between Greek and Latin terms and to recognize meanings of English words from the prefixes, roots, and suffixes.