ABCreate Mike DeTuri's program which works with Instant Text or Shorhand to optimize word lists. ($30)

Bookmarks and Notes: 
Copernic:  Multiple search engine program and desktop search program (4 programs altogether). 
Mybookmarks: Free online bookmarks. 
Li'l Red Notebook: An easy-to-use, convenient and inexpensive popup notepad for word lists, reminders, etc.

To back up bookmarks, save (export) them to a folder in HTML format. This can be handy and another way to go to a site, if the folder is stored on the desktop.

Clipboard program:  Phrase Express  Retains multiple entries to clipboard and offers much more. Free for personal use. A very powerful program.

Ergomart  Ergonomic products and information for office & home office workplaces.

Firefox  Mozilla Firebox is a web browser, like Internet Explorer or Netscape. Free and blocks popup ads. Developed by the open source community. Offers many free add-on applications to increase functionality.

FTP program:  Mozilla offers FireFTP which can be used to upload web pages to the Internet. In Firefox click the 3 horizontal bars on the upper right. Developer / FireFTP.  

Guides: A cornucopia of links on the theme "Our favorite cheat sheets". Useful for a quick introduction to or summary of a program.

HTML Editor: 
NVu:  Open Source community's Web page creator, HTML editor. Easy to use. Free, but donation requested (and well worth it). Similar to FrontPage or Dreamweaver but many times less expensive. Doesn't crash, either. 

Irfan View  An excellent popular graphic viewer program. Freeware.

Keyboards for Smart Phones:  Try Flexpansion. Flexpansion is one of the best, with powerful predictive features. They have Ph.D.'s in artificial inteligence on the development team.

You can type on a Smart Phone with one finger, two thumbs, trace letters ("swipe"), "chords", use several unusual keyboards or voice dictation. Voice dictation is fastest and in my opinion is the best when you need a long note (using the Keep app, for example). There are apps with native Android voice recognition and Dragon. Voice dictation is faster on a smart phone than using, say, Dragon on a desktop because you just click one button and go on the phone. There are some potential tech developments that may eventually allow very fast text input, but it will be awhile, if even doable.

MT books:
The Successful Medical Transcriptionist by Tracy Simmons. $47 (download).

MT Links and resources:
Dev's Medical Specialty Links 
Joy's Medical Transcription Links
Rennie's Place  
Vanka's Medical Links for MTs

Programming Language:  Consider R. Free, relatively easy to learn and use, huge support community. Very popular for graphics and statistics.
          Searching the Internet:  Refine a search in Google. 
        More detailed information on search techniques here and here and here.
        Zotero: A FireFox add-on.
        dtSearch: high-end web and hard-drive search tool. $200.  

          Software reviews:  TopTen Reviews.         X-keys  Programmable keyboard devices.