"By the way, your lists are wonderful and I am actively recommending it to everyone. It is so logical, and I caught on so quickly, it makes so much sense, that I find myself totally handicapped when I’m typing without it! I even use your ABCZ rule automatically when I make out my shopping list! LOL!" - E.K. (February 2009)

about the ABCZ Command glossary (for Instant Text) and ABCZ Command dictionary (for Shorthand/Speedtype):

"Coming from a WP environment, I had been experiencing frustration learning both the Shorthand and Word programs. In addition to being an aid to learning Word functions, this program is an excellent assistant in learning proper formatting of SH keys. You've just shortened my learning curve. I want to thank you for this program." - Tomme Mendenhall (Jan 2006)

"I have to say these Command glossaries are SOOOO cool! The short forms are very straightforward - like "delete1wordleft" (remember, you can abbreviate the short form too, so dewl or dellef would work too.) Or how about "savenclosedoc" to save and close your document? So clever!! These glossaries are a huge help to me - I don't even have to use the mouse (...gasp!...) or the ALT menus for most things - I just type the words that are mostly intuitive, and hit my marker key! It's incredible!"   - Sonya Canavan

"I beta-tested the Command glossary, and it's completely awesome! I think the ones to add whatever you need to a word are great! And the single space to double space one, oh....the ones that change tense when the dictator gives the wrong one! This glossary does so much! And heck, every Word command you can think of, including all the ones you rarely use so how the heck do you remember, they're all there! The view normal one, OI! It's all on an intuitive basis and with Instant Text and the ability to abbreviate your abbreviation, I just find the Commands glossary to be a big asset for me...The headings glossaries are also wonderful. We're just talking thorough here, everybody. Very, very thorough!"  - Harrie (Proprietor of Productivity Talk forum)

"As another beta tester, I'm adding my THANK YOU and my highest recommendation."  - Kelly Ratzlaff